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Welcome to our news and resource blog. Here you will find our recent developments relating to people, products and processes for three business units - Workholding Solutions, Specialty Fasteners and Lifting Solutions. To keep pace with industry, we are continually introducing new technologies, increasing our reach and sharing our successes.
The Incredible, Versatile Toggle Clamp

Toggle clamps have been in use for decades. Providing basic workholding functions, and untold numbers of unique applications, for manufacturers across virtually every industry, including science and medicine. These clever clamps have seen some upgrades along the way as well. Increases in holding forces, different sizes and styles, additional accessories and features – all to keep pace with growing demands for configurable workholding.
Tradeshows are back! Jergens Event Schedule 2021

Jergens Inc. Appoints Clark Manufacturers Service as it's Exclusive Workholding Solutions Representative in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana

Jergens is AS9100 Rev D Certified. What Does This Mean?

The AS9100 series is the industry-recognized set of standards for quality assurance and risk management for organizations that work within the ASD sectors. These standards provide suppliers with requirements for creating and maintaining a comprehensive quality management system for providing safe and reliable products to the aerospace, space, and defense industries.
Removing Doubt From CNC Machining Frequent Part Change

Achieving consistent workholding pressure is an art form for the skilled operator, and it’s an important step to ensuring that parts are locked down securely and positioned exactly for the next operation. Mechanical vises leave the door open for a higher degree of variation, whereas hydraulic vises repeat with very high accuracy. Additionally, they are fast and easy to operate – both of which contribute to faster overall cycle times. Take for example Jergens 130mm double-acting hydraulic vise – it provides high holding forces, quick clamping and repeatability to improve speed and part tolerance. To handle the many options of CNC machining, this vise comes standard with multiple mounting patterns, different jaw options and easy access to plumbing and maintenance ports. 
New Positioning and Clamping Additions Expand Jergens OK-Vise® Multi-Rail System Capability

Many machining operations benefit from multiple part setups, right? Maximize machine uptime, capacity and capability. Size, shape and complexity of surfaces to be machined usually dictate what’s possible. So does the total machining envelope that the CNC will allow. Jergens has an answer to how to best position and clamp the highest number of parts while staying clear of tool paths and spindle movements – sound OK?
Jergens Inc. is Honored at The 2021 Evolution of Manufacturing Conference and Awards

We are very excited to be honored at this year’s 2021 Evolution of Manufacturing Conference and Awards!
Jergens Expands it's Zero Point Systems with New Pneumatic Subplates and Multi-Pull Stud Fixture Plates

If you’re machining multiple parts simultaneously on your CNCs with frequent changeover, you well know the importance of quick and accurate location. Shortened overall cycle times can mean the difference between profit and loss. Jergens Zero Point System provides this key advantage and has now been expanded to include new pneumatic subplates and multi-pull stud fixture plates to further optimize the choice for workholding.
Jergens Inc. Appoints Next Generation Tooling as it's Exclusive Workholding Solutions Representative in California & Nevada.

We are pleased to announce that Next Generation Tooling has signed on as Manufacturers’ Representatives for Jergens Workholding Solutions Group in the great States of California and Nevada.
Jergens Provides 5-Axis Machining Kits to Twelve Louisiana Community and Technical Colleges

As the manufacturing skills gap continues to widen, job candidates with 5-axis CNC skills are in high demand.